Pro/Am Registration



A large range of events is available to Pro/Am couples.  A Pro/Am couple consists of a judged USA Dance Athlete and a Professional partner. Male and female athletes are judged separately.  Pro/Am couples may not compete in non-Pro/Am events. Pro/Am events are not sanctioned for national championships.

Professional DO NOT NEED TO JOIN USA Dance

All Amateur Athletes must be a member of USA Dance in order to compete in this National Qualifying Event.

Competitor's Pass

Each competitor must purchase a Competitor's Pass for entry into the ballroom.

Early Registration       Professional  Pass $65
                            Amateur Students  Pass  $65

After September 1st      Professional  Pass  $75
​                                 Amateur Students  Pass  $75

Pro/Am Event Entry Fees

  • $25 per Single Dance
  • $30 per Two Dance (Bronze)
  • $35 per Three Dance (Silver)
  • $40 per Four Dance (Gold)
  • $75 per Open Scholarship

Top Teacher Awards

OVER $5000 in Top Teacher Prize Money

1st $2000 – Requires a Minimum of 200 entries

2nd $1500 – Requires a Minimum 150 entries

3rd $1000 – Requires a Minimum 100 entries

4th $500 – Requires a Minimum 50 entries

5th $250 – Requires a Minimum 25 entries

Over $1,800 in Pro/Am Scholarships

Student must enter 5 single dances to qualify for scholarship. 

Pro/ Am Athletes at this competition are not eligible to earn USA Dance Proficiency Points and do not qualify for USA Dance Nationals.